Switchback, Oil on Found Plywood 35”x35”  2015 Sold

The Canary’s Song, Oil on panel 16”x16” 2015 SOLD

Desert Rose, Oil on Canvas 35”x35”  2016 SOLD


WonderDance,  Oil on Canvas 50”x48” 2016  Sold

Heroes, Oil on Canvas 42”x42” 2016 SOLD

Looking For a Kiss, Oil on Canvas 35”x35” 2016  SOLD


Where Planes Go, Oil on Canvas 35”x35” 2015 SOLD

Watershed, 72”x48” oil/acrylic on Canvas 2017

Rapture (JMB), Oil on Canvas 35”x35” 2016 SOLD

Torch/Matrix, Oil on Panel 60”x96” 2015  Sold


Thunder Perfect Mind, Oil on canvas 63”x 54” 2016  SOLD

Nightingale, Oil on Panel 48”x35”2016  SOLD

Boom + Two, Oil on Canvas 59”x47” 2016 SOLD

Spider Grandmother, 72”x43” oil on canvas 2016   SOLD

Golden Years, oil/acrylic on canvas 60”x40” 2016 Sold

1000 Hearts, oil/acrylic on canvas 72”x72” 2016 SOLD

Helium/Helius, oil/acrylic on canvas 59”x47” 2016 SOLD

Aviator, oil/acrylic on canvas 48”x48’” 2016 SOLD

Tiger, oil/acrylic on panel 60”x48” 2016 SOLD

Passenger, oil/acrylic on panel 25”x40” 2016 SOLD

Lipstick Love, oil on panel 60”x48” 2016 SOLD

Bluebird, oil on canvas 60”x60” 2016 SOLD

Little King, oil on panel 24”x19” 2016 SOLD

Across The River, oil on panel 24”x24” 2016 SOLD

Fulcrum, oil/acrylic on canvas 53.5x45.5 2016

Fingerprint of Time, oil/acrylic on canvas 2016

Blue Twister, oil/acrylic on canvas 84”x60” 2017 SOLD

Fragile Night Creature, oil/acrylic on canvas 60”x60” 2017 SOLD

25 Cats Named Sam, oil/acrylic on canvas 60”x60” 2017 SOLD

Return to Reality, oil/acrylic on canvas 45”x45” 2017 SOLD

Jumble Jam, oil/acrylic on canvas 60”x48” 2017

Megan’s Doorway oil/acrylic on reclaimed work table 72”x30” 2017 SOLD

Honeymoon in Space, 48”x72” oil/acrylic on canvas stretched over panel 2017

Kissed by the Moon, oil/acrylic 72”x72” 2017

Building America, 72”x48” oil/acrylic 2017 Sold

“Lakeshore lunch”, 72”x72” Mixed Media 2017

“Zot”, 66”x45” Mixed Media 2017